Attorney Kim Baioni has one guiding principle - legal representation should be affordable for everyone.  Too often what may start out as a simple legal matter that could have been easily handled, becomes a much more costly problem because a party believed they either didn't need the expertise of a legal professional or were put off by the perceived cost.

  • Have you ever thought about starting your own small business, but don’t know where to begin? There are many steps to starting a successful business, and we can help you evaluate your business plan and get started.
  • Have you ever written a "simple" contract yourself for use in your business or personal life, or used a template from a book in the library? Without the underlying knowledge of local/state/federal law and contract law you could potentially cost yourself thousands of dollars.
  • Have you ever thought about writing a will or healthcare directive yourself to save money? Without proper planning, you could leave your loved ones facing a hostile dispute with relatives or huge tax bill, at a time when they already are feeling the most vulnerable.
  • Have you ever thought, if only my child's father/mother would help me pay for our child's care, but don't know where to start? In Ohio, both parents have the legal responsibility to financially support a child.


  • Have you or a loved one ever faced a criminal charge and didn't know where to turn because everyone you contacted wanted an unaffordable retainer? Everyone should be able to seek out and retain his or her own choice of counsel without relying on a public defender.

At the Law Offices of Kim Baioni let us help you evaluate the legal services you need--at the price you deserve.


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